New Year, Newish Me / by Genevieve Mills


Our narrator is slightly sleepy but no longer hungover from partying it up. She's dog/house-sitting, and the dogs are currently hovering near her on the couch, eternally optimistic that they'll get some of her dinner, even though they were JUST fed. A Scandal marathon is happening via Netflix. 


Last year I wrote an article about choosing new year's resolutions but didn't actually make any. This year, I decided to take my own advice when making them. They're admittedly pretty boring. The standard self-improvement stuff. But I wanted to put them up here so I could feel like the internet is holding me accountable. 

  • Blog once a week (look at me, already starting on this one)
  • Work out twice a week (ideally, eventually working out more but I figured I would start small)
  • Cook dinner once a week (I desperately need to learn how to do more than boil noodles)
  • Write (even a little bit) every day
  • Do that cheesy "Get a jar, write down the good things that happen to you, and put them in the jar" thing. It's so cheesetastic but I think it would be a good positive thinking thing for me.   

Looking back at 2015:

When the "thank goodness 2015 is over" posts starting circulating tumblr a few weeks ago, I pretty much agreed with them. Good riddance to this entire year. I'm not at the best place in my life right now, emotionally and career-wise. I graduated but haven't been able to find a full-time job, so I'm living with my parents and working a couple low-paying internships. I love my parents and get along with them for the most part, but the switch from living independently for four years to sharing a house with three other people hasn't been fun. I'm a person who works best with structure and deadlines so the lack-thereof is hard.

However, fuck it. Just because I have some issues right now doesn't mean I haven't had a pretty darn good year. So, for myself and the internet, here the highlights of my 2015.

blue hur.jpg
  • I dyed my hair blue. 
  • I spent spring break in New York visiting a friend and experienced drunk brunch for the first time.
  • I worked on my university's literary magazine.
  • Won a creative writing scholarship. 
  • I graduated Magna Cum Laude from college with not one but two Bachelor's degrees, in French and English. 
  • Went to the Women's World Cup in Canada and got to see the US team play twice. 
  • Went to pretty much every Louisville City soccer home game. 
  • Had a great week in California with my family.
  • Joined a kickball league and didn't manage to injure myself. 
  • Made a few trips to Chicago, to visit family I hadn't seen in a while, for business, and for a concert.
  • Got a really cute micro-bangs haircut.
  • Was the Captain America to my friends' complete Avengers Halloween ensemble. 
  • Visited most the bourbon trail with friends.
  • Had my fiction PUBLISHED for the first time in a literary magazine. 
  • Made some new friends, grew apart with others.
  • Had another flash fiction accepted by another magazine. 
  • Didn't give up on starting my career.

So. Yeah. It wasn't the best year of my life. But it was a good year. And I'm proud of myself for what I accomplished and what I'm going to accomplish in 2016. And now I'm going to go give the dogs a piece of bread because so they're too freaking cute.